Friday, May 8, 2009

Weaved Purses

I got a used copy of Craft Magazine at my local used book store. It was the weaving issue. I decided it was high time to add weaving to my "jack of all trades" list.

In this issue, they highlight Travis Meinolf, weaver extraordinaire.

And for anyone interested, he has a blog Action Weaver.

Now for my project.
A month before my sister's birthday, I decided to try it out. I gave myself a month to figure it out.
I got some precut plywood and a box of nails and built my own loom.

It's a good thing I gave myself a month to learn because my first try wasn't quite right. I really liked the pattern, but I didn't do the tension right. It turned out a little loose and way skinnier at one end than at the other.

The next one I did turned at a little better. The weave was a little tighter. It still tapered a little but it was usable. I ended up making a clutch for my mom for Mother's Day.

Next, I started on my sister's present. It was initially going to be another clutch, but I decided I didn't think I'd ever seen my sister with a clutch. So, I made a bag instead.

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JPM said...

Wow lady, those are really cute! and from scratch...I am truly impressed.